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Generation Two Camroid

Sample footages recorded at multiple framerates

  • Footage @ 3 Frames / Sec

  • Footage @ 5 Frames / Sec

  • Footage @ 10 Frames / Sec

  • Footage @ 15 Frames / Sec

Features Of CAMROID

  • IP camera

    Use Camroid as IP camera. Connects and works with any NVR or softwares. Supports RTSP and other protocols.

  • Record to cloud

    Camroid streams frames to cloud storage at 5 frames / sec. Schedule or set 24/7 recording. Uses only 250 MB* a day of your internet pack.

  • Night vision

    Advanced Night Vision support with high powered IR Leds and IR cut filter for a superior night vision footage.

  • Wi-Fi

    Camroid sports an built-in high gain Wi-Fi antenna. The best in its class.

  • Motion Sensor

    Camroid has built-in Passive Infra-Red sensor to detect motion. So, set the recording to start only when some action starts.

  • Weather Proof

    Camroid is built with industrial grade ABS plastic and is IP64 complaint making it completely weather proof. Use it indoors or outdoors as you wish.